Rabat­prisen: All discounts at your fingertips

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Concept development, app design, app development
November 2013

Rabatprisen.dk, the largest online collection of discounts in Denmark, experienced a great amount of traffic via their website, but needed a mobile solution that could make shopping and the displaying of discounts in the nearby area easier. In collaboration with the founders of Rabatprisen.dk, iRoots developed an app that makes it easy to find the discounts that the user has access to via his or her memberships.

The Rabatprisen app is build on a big shop and discount database that needed to be integrated into the app solution. One of the challenges was to restrict the entry of discounts on the map, in order to let the users have as seamless and fast user experience as possible.

iRoots was in charge of the development of the concept as well as the design and development of the app, and the solution has received praise from both users and the media.

Screenshot af Rabatprisen-appen
Rabatprisen-app forside
Screenshot af Rabatprisen-appen