App development

iRoots is the mobile agency in Copenhagen that creates the exact solution that you or your company needs, and we do it with integrity and a high level of technical know-how.

We know our way around coding and app development.

We are proud to call ourselves nerds.

Working with iRoots

Native iOS og Android apps

Since 2009, the mobile agency iRoots has developed apps and delivered advanced solutions helping businesses to succeed in the fast developing mobile market. We take responsibility during the entire app project lifecycle. In addition, we offer fast and accurate problem solving to projects that have run into obstacles. It is imperative that our clients feel secure when working with us, so we always keep to the schedule, and we respect the terms of the contract.

Mobile solutions that last

Our highly qualified developers work with apps for iOS – both iPhones and iPads – and Android. We focus on quality and high standards in order for your company to leave here with an app that is build for the future and easy to maintain and further develop. User experience, efficiency, and simplicity is given high priority. Feel free to contact us whether you are looking for consultancy on an app project, a business partner for advanced problem solving, or handling of complex projects. Behind the app

From concept to functional app

To us at iRoots, it is of high priority that the applications, we develop, are meeting the needs of our customers. We know that you come to us with a specific challenge or task and that you hold the important knowledge about your company and the situation, you’re in. At the same time, we have the technical skills and know-how as well as the knowledge about the newest technological developments, and we can tell you what is possible and what will add value to your business – seen from an app perspective.

Developing an app

This is why we take pride in cooperating from the very beginning with the development of ideas and concepts to the testing of the almost-ready-to-launch app. With this starting point, it is our experience that the people, for whom we have done a job, will leave feeling happy with their product and with a positive experience in the bag.

  • Fase 1 af udviklingsprocessen: Idé- og konceptudvikling

    In the initial phase of the development process, we create the perfect concept for your app in collaboration with you. Through workshops focussing on specifications of requirements, creative idea and concept development, wireframing and prototyping we build up the concept for an app that will meet your needs and add value to your business.

  • Fase 2 af udviklingsprocessen: Design

    When we have completed the concept development and found a solution, that lives up to your expectations and that we can vouch for, we move on to the design phase. This is the time to add colours and shapes and to think about navigation and user experience. When the design is in place and you have given us your accept, we tell the developers to get ready.

  • Fase 3 af udviklingsprocessen: Udvikling

    After approximately 6-8 weeks, the developers will have produced an app that is ready for testing. There will always appear small “bugs” when you move from the safe universe of the developers’ office to real use of the app, so for around two weeks you as well as us will test all possible use cases to make sure we find all the bugs that might be there.

  • Fase 4 af udviklingsprocessen: Udgivelse

    At this point in the process, the time has come to launch your brand new app. This is a big day for you as well as for us when we finally can send the app out into the open digital sea. We will gladly help you out with the marketing of your app and send you statistics of the use of the app, if this is something you’re interested in.

  • Fase 5 af udviklingsprocessen: Opfølgning

    Don’t worry. We won’t just let you go and leave you all by yourself with your new app. After a while, when the app has had some time on the app market, we will call you and ask you how things are going and if you have any updates or new features you would like us to take care of. And as always, you just call!

Former clients

Our clients

We take app projects across the finish line for companies of all sizes and in cooperation with advertising and digital agencies that draw on our experience and skills.

Get in touch with us if you’d like an app and your logo on this site, too.

  • Grundfos, én af iRoots' kunder
  • Nykredit, én af iRoots' kunder
  • Creuna, én af iRoots' kunder
  • Fujitsu, én af iRoots' kunder
  • Movia, én af iRoots' kunder
  • Rema 1000, én af iRoots' kunder
  • Radiometer, én af iRoots' kunder
  • Wallmob, én af iRoots' kunder
  • Peytz&co, én af iRoots' kunder

Selected cases

Every app has its own story and goal to accomplish. Read about some of the cases that we have worked on, get inspired, or just skip it and take the next step with your or your company’s project, if you’re ready.

  • my-baby_hjemmesiden
    Pregnant and My Baby: For expecting or new parents
  • rema1000_1
    REMA 1000: 700,000+ users’ grocery shopping app
  • radiometer
    Radiometer: The mobile blood gas handbook
  • rabatprisen2
    Rabat­prisen: All discounts at your fingertips
  • Nomeco-app
    Nomeco: Modernised and extended app solution
  • dinappher2
    Your app here? Read more about your options
The team


The story of iRoots is the story about three programmers who met at NSCoder Night in 2009. In other words: iRoots was founded by real code nerds who live and breathe software programming and who has set out to free the world from poor mobile applications.

Since then, we have brought in reinforcements with more skilled developers and creative forces, and the mobile agency is now a tightly knit team that works together like a well-oiled machine. During office hours, we work efficiently and concentrated, and when office hours are over, we take the time off to let our brains get some rest. This way, you can rest assured that we focus 100 % when working on your project.

  • Andersen

    Martin Rahbæk Andersen

    CEO, Cofounder & Senior Developer

    Really good at answering emails and talking on the phone. Likes people and creating solutions for customers. Loves Portugal for some reason.

  • Simon

    Simon Strandgaard

    Cofounder & Senior Developer

    Kind and highly skilled programmer that seconds as a walking encyclopedia of programming knowledge.

  • Jonas

    Jonas Rahbæk Andersen

    UX/UI Designer

    A good listener, hard working and very creative. Jonas quickly understands the jobs at hand and creates original ideas for design and functionality.

  • Yoav

    Yoav Schwartz

    Part Time iOS Developer

    Does backend, frontend and app development with enthusiasm. Highly reliable and faces every new challenge with a “OK, I’ll make it happen!”

Contact us

Contact us

You don’t need to know all the technical expressions to be able to talk to us. If you are planning to get an app developed, just send us a message. We can also take a coffee.

You are of course also welcome to write to us: